Project title

Equine opportunities


The goal of the project is to support a summer camp for disadvantaged children and children in need. We would like to provide the opportunity for at least 10 children from Ferencváros to take part, free of charge, in a summer camp involving equine therapy. The one-week camp would involve a variety of programmes aimed at developing children’s movement (gross motoric movement and fine movement), as well as their cognitive skills (including attention, communication, sense of space and time, lateral area), provided by our horse “colleagues” and special education teachers.

The issue

We would like to provide this opportunity for families that cannot afford summer camps or special education classes for their children. Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, autism, behavioural disorders face have insurmountable disadvantages compared to their peers, unless they receive adequate support. We know that early intervention can either prevent or make up for such disadvantages.

Activities and timeframe

We are planning a one-week daily (from 8 AM to 4 PM) camp in July 2019 at Zabszalma Foundation’s centre. Each day we will provide educational programmes, equine therapy and 3 meals, with the involvement of special education teachers, equine therapists and riding instructors.

Envisaged project budget (types of costs and amounts/rates)

• Human resources: special education teachers, horse riding trainer, equine therapist: 400,000HUF
• Meals (3 times a day): 100,000HUF
• Equipment (for programmes, classes): 100,000HUF
• Educational toys, tools: 500,000HUF
• Protective gear and riding equipment: 100,000HUF

How do you plan to use the funds raised through Swimathon?

If we manage to raise more funds than what we have described above, then we will use them to develop our educational park.

What kind of impact do you wish to achieve and how do you plan to assess it?

We develop an individual development plan for every child, in which we record all the changes. Equine therapy brings about notable changes in children’s gross motor skills, sense of balance, eye-hand coordination, attention, social and communication skills.

Name and mission of the implementing organisation:

Zabszalma Foundation provides equine therapy and special education classes for children with special needs.

Organisational data

Name: Zabszalma Foundation
Address: 1095 Budapest, Mester utca 40-44/A
Tax number: 18736801-1-43
Contact person: Szilvia Suri
Phone: +36303159995