Laura Dittel       

Welcome to the website of Swimathon. It’s a four-week community fundraising campaign and an event on 16th June 2018 having fun together in a swimming pool in Budapest. People like me swim and ask for your support in the campaign for a worthwhile cause close to our heart. Thus, swimmers like me are the “ambassadors” of different exciting community issues. We don’t only train to swim to reach the targeted distance and time in swimming, but also raise money for these programs to come true.


I am Laura, a European living in Slovakia. I love cats, coffee, books, travelling and, since last year, also my paddleboard. Water is my element and I think I should have been born as an otter. Hungarian community foundations are full of excellent people. They make their surroundings a better place to live and active people even more engaged with their communities. I trust in the importance of their mission and I sincerely wish they would have a friendlier environment to work in. I like swimming. I like to do it slowly in natural lakes with really cold water. But this time I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I will swim in a pool. I am still going to do it with grace, though – no hurry so I can keep it in mind that I swim for them – for the community foundations, because they deserve it. Please, please, sponsor my swim, so that Hungarian community foundations can feel our support.  

Amount Targeted:

200000 HUF

Amount Raised:

282076 HUF

Days Left:



  • Hronec Milan 6000 HUF
    Lubim Ta
  • Dorak Hilda 4650 HUF
    A rum ereje legyen Veled!
  • Miko Laco 32021 HUF
  • Csáki Rozália 5000 HUF
    Az energiád ezúttal is jó irányba csatornázod! Örömteli úszást! Hajrá!
  • Tamás Scsaurszki 5555 HUF
    Mert te mindig mindent csillagos ötösre teljesítesz!
  • Hirt Beata 6000 HUF
    Swim fast and safe ! I wish you the best time :)
  • Petraskova Elena 10000 HUF
    Držíme palce Laura!

  • Tresó Dávid 5000 HUF
    Yeah-yeah-yeah. Levegőt csak víz fölött vegyél! :)
  • Hutníková Sidónia 10000 HUF
    Držím palce, aby si to "dala" :-).
  • Čačová Zuzana Zuzana 7750 HUF
  • Bencko Robert 6200 HUF
    Go go go Laura
  • Orlovsky Jan 10000 HUF
    Swimming cats A rare sight Howevet, one can bet, That, Laura puts out the best fight
  • Bodnarova Jana 6600 HUF
  • Vasecka Michal 5000 HUF
    We shall overcome...
    Way to go Muzy!
  • Despiegelaere Jan 10310 HUF
    Just go with the flow!

  • Abraliev Kazbek 25000 HUF
    Good Luck Laura and Hungarian friends! With love from Syracuse, New York
  • Mattoš Boris 10000 HUF
    Good luck & best wishes!
  • Bodnár Ottó 3000 HUF
    Ússsszà mà wazä! Ússssszà mà wazze! Ůsszà má vazæ! ....Wazä!!!!
  • Bartovičová Katarína 6000 HUF
  • Kyska Roland 5000 HUF
  • Czikkova Lenka 3100 HUF
    Perfektna iniciativa, vyborne! Drzim palce!!
  • Bata Boglárka 5000 HUF
    Hajrá, drága! Szuper vagy!:)
  • Medved Peter 7000 HUF
    Swim for good case, thumb up!

  • Good luck:-)

  • Dittel Katarina 3000 HUF
    Mindent bele, buszkek vagyunk Rád ❤️
  • Kolesarova Martina
    Good luck to you and to Hungarian people!
  • Sejkova Apolonia 7000 HUF
    Lauri ideeeeeeš:)))
  • Marček Eduard 8000 HUF
    For the love of swimming and Hungarian people... and of course Cica Mica... Meow!
  • Mária Ház 6200 HUF
    Laura, do toho!!!! :)
  • Matis Stefan 9790 HUF
    Hajrá vazze :-)
  • Duleba Alexander 8000 HUF
    Fingers crossed!
  • Musinka Alexander
  • Brezinská Ivana 2500 HUF
    Viem, že keby bolo treba, tak preplávaš aj oceán.
  • Sejkova Apolonia 20 HUF
    Šaľena ši! ...ale daš to, cmuuuk
(1EUR is approx. 310HUF, 1USD is approx. 267HUF)